Erasmus+ project “ I am not racist, but…“

In 1th August - 9th August 2017 three students Eglė Šlinkšytė, Rimantė Mockutė and Raimonda Mockutė and teacher Rūta Jegnoraitė – Juškienė from Viduklė Simonas Stanevičius gymnasium participated in Erasmus+ project “ I am not racist, but…“ in  Võsu, Estonia. There were 25 participants from 5 different countries – Estonia, Sweden, Turkey, Romania and Lithuania.

The aim of the project was to create awareness of the recently risen problem on xenophobia and racism. The project program consisted of different games, role plays, workshop and discussion. We had cultural nights – everyone had a chance to experience new cultures, communicate with people from other countries and get to know at least something about other participant’s lifestyle in their own homeland. Later in the project we got a chance to explore the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. During the whole project we felt like in a summer camp because we lived near the sea, we had an opportunity to try the escape room game and we had a sports event.

Sadly all good things come to the end every time. The last day everyone was really emotional and nobody wanted to say goodbye. We came back home as a different persons who knew a lot about racism, xenophobia and as a persons who have a lot of knowledge to start solving this important issue.


Ankstesni įrašai

16th May- 25th May 2017 Viduklė Simonas Stanevičius Gymnasium‘s teacher (Rūta Jegnoraitė – Juškienė) and seven students: Deividas Tarvydas, Simona Piatkutė, Rimantė Mockutė, Raimonda Mockutė, Svajūnė Blažytė, Karolina Baltrušaitytė and Arūnas Vasiliauskas took part in the Erasmus+ project called “Environment”. Project was located in Svarstad, Norway. There were 50 participans from 4 different countries including Bulgaria, Norway, Turkey and Lithuania.

Last month Vidukles Simonas Stanevicius Gymnasium‘s teacher (Rūta Jegnoraitė – Juškienė) and five students (Ieva Šlinkšytė, Karolina Baltrušaitytė, Martynas Baukys, Simas Kačiušis and Eglė Šlinkšytė) participated in Erasmus + project „Perform Tolerance“ in Istanbul, Turkey. There were 60 participans from 6 different countries including Denmark, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey and Lithuania.